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Point of View

One Stop Engineering, from

Design and Development to Production Technology

Our goal at Tama Technical Core is to be your "general partner in engineering," making valuable contributions in aerospace and every other aspect of manufacturing. More than just design or on-site support, Tama Technical Core can provide a full range of services, from design and development to production technology. From the start of the manufacturing process to the final production step, we offer the end-to-end support of a manufacturing general contractor.

Our customers demand that we respond to their needs and produce results, no matter how high the hurdles, as their "general partner in engineering."

With that goal in mind, Tama Technical Core provides day-to-day practice and a variety of comprehensive training programs to develop large numbers of high-quality engineers. And our training activities in overseas locations have been expanding in recent years, as well.

We have the ability to assess our customers difficulties and requirements and can close the gap by providing highly responsive engineering services.

Tama Technical Core total engineering solution
Tama Technical Core total engineering solution Manufacture



Company Profile

Tama Technical Core Co., Ltd.



Kiyoshi Fujii

11314 4th Avenue West, Suite 201, Everett, Washington 98204 USA
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5 (as of July, 2017)

  • Engineering development, design, production technology and test analysis in the aerospace and automotive industries
  • Design and development of precision instruments, industrial machinery and transportation equipment
  • Design, manufacturing and sales of various specialized machineries and electric control equipment
  • Design and development of electric and electronic devices
  • Software and firmware development
  • Dispatch of our engineers corresponding to the above
  • Staffing in the field of engineering
  • Filling the temporary staffing needs of businesses

Corporate Officers

Toshihiko Morizane

Kiyoshi Fujii

Nobumasa Akatsuka

  • Yosuke Uemura
  • Shoichi Murakami